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Hebei Wanli Stage Curtain co., ltd.

  Hebei Wanli Stage Curtain co., ltd. was established in 1991. With a total investment of 56 million yuan , an area of 11880 square meters and a floor area of 6858 square meters, the enterprise has an annual production capacity of 8000,000 square meters of various flame retardant curtain fabrics. As the largest and the most professional stage curtain production, it is a incorporating of research and development, production and weaving, dyeing and flame-retardant treatment and processing production.

  Curtain fabrics: hemp fabric, natural silk, velvet, polyester velvet, mulberry and cotton silk, fine canvas, cotton yarn, artificial silk, Fuchun spinning, seamless veil, bobbinet etc.

  Stage curtain series: traveler curtain, applique curtain, embroidery curtain,swag curtain, cascade-typed curtain, lifting curtain, secondary curtain,conference curtain, side strip curtain, cyclorama, bottom curtain, gauze curtain,veil,seamless veil, butterfly-shaped yarn curtain,cutout curtain, heavy curtain, sound insulation curtain, shading curtain, star curtain, movie screen etc.

  Our company’s Wanli Brand Stage Curtain has been awarded the title of Famous Brand Product in Hebei Province. Our company is Provincial Enterprise of Observing Coetract and Keeping Promise and the Director Unit of China Entertainment Technology Association.The enterprise has passed GB/T19001-2008idt IS09001:2008 quality management system certification. The flame retardant fabrics for curtains conform to GB20286-2006B(inspected by the national fixed fire extinguishing systems and fire-resistant components quality supervision and Inspection Center ). The hemp fabric, natural silk and velvet conform to the national standard Z/T43013-1999(silk fabrics)(inspected by China National Textile Quality Supervision Testing Center/Testing Center of China Textile Academy).

  In recent years, we provided the following units with high grade and quality flam retardant fabrics and stage curtains. And our manufactures have exported to the USA, Russia, Southeast Asia, Europe and other countries and won widespread praise from our customers.

  The following units are parts of our customers:

  The Great Hall of the people(Beijing), the National Conference Center, the State Grand Theatre, the Hall of National Ministry of Public Security, the Chinese Beijing-opera Theatre, the Chinese Ping-opera Theatre, CCTV, BTV, Beijing Jingxi Hotel, Hebei Grand Theatre, Shanghai Great Stage, Shenzhen Grand Theatre , Tianjin Grand Theatre, Fujian Grand Theatre, Henan Art Center, Hubei Hongshan Hall, People’s Hall of Chongqing, Chongqing Grand Theatre, People’s Hall of Xinjiang, People’s Hall of Ningxia, People’s Hall of Guangxi, People’s Hall of Guizhou, Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Auditorium, the Grand Theatre of Yunnan, Conference Center of Haigeng, Yunnan, Shandong Mansion, Liaoning Provincial Party School, Nanjing TV Station, the Grand Hall of Nanjing Military Region, the People’s Theatre of Xi’an, Jiayuguan Grand Theatre, the Tibet Drama Troupe, the Xinjiang Dance Theatre, Harbin Workers Cultural Center, Daqing Grand Theatre, Inner Mongolia Television Station, Erdos Convention Center, Zhongshan City Cultural and Arts Center, Luoyang Opera, Liangshan Culture and Art Center, Changzhou Grand Theatre, Jiaxing Grand Theatre, the People’s Hall of Qingdao, Dalian Grand Theatre, Yanbei Cinema, Datong, Shanxi etc.